Breeders Challenge

Breeding Scheme Summary

The NSW Breeders Challenge is comprised of the Pepper Tree Farm Major Race Series, Regional Finals, Owners Bonus Scheme, Nominators Bonus Scheme and now the Blue Series.

The progeny of either NSW based stallions or mares are eligible to compete in the NSW Breeders Challenge. Provided a foal is at least 50% NSW bred, that is, either its sire is based in NSW during the season of service or the mare is served and foals in NSW, it may be made eligible for the NSW Breeders Challenge through registration in NSW, or separate nomination if registered elsewhere. To be eligible to compete in the Blue Series, a horse must be 100% NSW bred in that both the mare and sire were domiciled in NSW in the year of service and foaling.

A compulsory payment of $185 applies to all Breeders Challenge eligible foals registered in NSW. This fee includes foal registration, freeze branding and foal DNA testing as well as automatic NSW Breeders Challenge eligibility should a foal be at least 50% NSW bred. A foal that is at least 50% NSW bred and registered elsewhere may also be made eligible for NSW Breeding Schemes on the payment of a $275 nomination fee.


Annual participation fees for 2YO and 3YO horses of $275 (inc GST) will be invoiced on September 1 of the applicable racing season should the series fee option not have been previously taken up. These fees enable the participation in the Pepper Tree Farm Major Race Series and the Regional Finals while also entitling the owners of eligible horses to Owners Bonus certificates and nominators their cash bonus. See table below for expected invoicing dates. 

Owners of Breeders Challenge eligible foals now have the option of sustaining their Breeders Challenge eligible horses as foals (born in 2013/14 onwards). The fee is $510 and includes foal registration and both the 2YO & 3YO sustaining payments. This equates to a saving of $225. Alternatively, owners also have the option of paying a series fee as a 2YO which will cover both the 2YO & 3YO seasons. The fee is $450 which is a saving of $100.


Breeders Challenge Major Race Series

The aim of the Breeders Challenge Race Series is to promote improvement in the quality of the Standardbred breed in NSW, provide an incentive to domicile more mares in NSW and to reward NSW breeders through the development of a lucrative race series and bonus scheme in their home state.

For Breeders Challenge eligible 2YO and 3YOs, heats of $15,000 are conducted at racetracks throughout NSW, with $25,000 semi-finals and $125,000 finals held at TABCorp Park Menangle on the last Sunday in June each year. In addition, a 4YO series with $17,500 semi-finals and $100,000 finals is also conducted at TABCorp Park Menangle.

Prizemoney for all Breeders Challenge events is split 80% to the owner, 5% each to the trainer, driver, the foal nominator and the stallion nominator of all runners.

For past results, please see the Breeders Challenge Honour Roll above. 

Breeders Challenge Trotters Race Series

A Trotters Race Series has been added to the NSW Breeders Challenge for Series 7 (foals born from the 2011/12 season) onwards. Eligibility criteria along with nomination and sustaining fees will be the same as those already in place for the pacers. Trotters that are paid up for the Breeders Challenge are already eligible for an Owner's Bonus Certificate upon their first "T" or "TM" penalty race win in NSW. The Trotters Race Series has been introduced to create more opportunity for owners and breeders of square gaiters to earn more prizemoney while encouraging more participants to breed trotters in NSW.

The series will comprise of $30,000 finals to be run at Tabcorp Park Menangle, provided there are sufficient nominations for each event. The first series was first held in June 2014. 

Breeders Challenge Blue

HRNSW in conjunction with the NSW Harness Racing Club is introducing a new race series for horses that are 100% NSW Bred. Scheduled to run between the Major Race series and the Regional Finals in July, these races are designed to give 100% NSW bred horses another opportunity at earning great prizemoney.

The races are restricted to Breeders Challenge eligible horses that have been sustained for their respective season that also meet the following criteria:

    - Sire physically stood in NSW in the season of conception, and;

    - Dam served or inseminated in NSW, and;

    - Foal born in NSW and notified to HRNSW.

 Tabcorp Park Menangle will hold both 2YO & 3YO feature events worth $50,000 each for both sexes with performance based eligibility restrictions. Prizemoney contribution from the NSW Harness Racing Club  

Breeders Challenge Regional Finals

Wagga, Parkes, Newcastle, Goulburn & Young HRCs have conducted successful Breeders Challenge Regional Finals since their inception in 2010.

The Breeders Challenge Regional Finals feature six $20,000 finals for Breeders Challenge eligible 2YOs, 3YOs and 4YOs of both sexes, as well as three consolations, and rotate between country venues each year. The location of the finals for 2015 will be Bathurst.

For results, please see the Breeders Challenge Honour Roll above.

Breeders Challenge Owners Bonus Scheme


The Breeders Challenge Owners Bonus Scheme rewards owners of Breeders Challenge eligible horses and encourages reinvestment in the breeding industry. Certificates are applied to all NSW “C” class races (with the exception of Breeders Challenge, Group, Listed, Futurity races and any other races determined from time to time by HRNSW). The owners of Breeders Challenge eligible 2YO and 3YOs each win a $3,000 bonus certificate for a horse’s first NSW “C” Class win for the season. Breeders Challenge eligible 4YOs will also win a $3,000 Bonus Certificate for their first NSW “C” Class win provided they have not won a bonus certificate as a 2YO or 3YO.

In addition, horses 5YO an older will also now be eligible for a certificate provided they have not won one previously. This is available to horses from Series 4 onward that were paid up for either their 2YO or 3YO season.

Breeders Challenge Owners Bonus certificates are redeemable against the purchase price of a Breeders Challenge eligible yearling at any Australian Public Yearling Sale, the purchase price of a Breeders Challenge eligible horse at a trialling sale or against the service fees of stallions nominated for the NSW Breeding Schemes.


Breeders Challenge Nominators Bonus


The Breeders Challenge Nominators Bonus has been introduced to reward nominators of foals conceived from the 2010/11 season onwards (2013/14 2YOs - Series 7). The nominators of Breeders Challenge eligible 2YO and 3YOs will win a $3,000 cash bonus for a horse’s first “C” Class win for the season. Breeders Challenge eligible horses 4YO and older will also win a $3,000 cash bonus for their first “C” Class win provided they have not won a cash bonus previously.

Potentially, the Breeders Challenge Owners and Nominators Bonuses will raise the value of an eligible horse’s first NSW “C” class win of a season to over $10,000.

In addition, except for NSW Breeders Challenge Finals (as there is already a prizemoney percentage for nominators built into these events), should a Breeders Challenge eligible 2YO, 3YO or 4YO win a Group 1 race in Australia, the nominator of the horse shall receive 10% of the race's total advertised 1st placegetter's prizemoney. 

Breeders Challenge Blue Incentive Certificate

The Breeders Challenge Blue Incentive Certificates have been extended into the 2014/15 breeding season for mares that are bred to Trotting Gait Stallions.

In order to be eligible, the mare must be served or inseminated in NSW, the sire must be nominated for the NSW Breeders Challenge, and the service fee must be related to the conception of a foal during the 2014/15 season. The certificate cannot be used to pay for a live foal from a conception during the 2013/14 season.

Applications for these certificates will not be accepted after 31 August, 2015

Stallion Nominations

Nomination for the NSW Breeding Schemes allows stallions to have BCOB certificates used against their service fees, and their nominators paid 5% of Breeders Challenge prizemoney.

In order to participate in the NSW Breeding Schemes, a stallion must be nominated by a stud which agrees to pay foal fees to HRNSW. The fees for both NSW and non-NSW based stallions are charged on a live-foal basis for all Alabar Breeders Challenge eligible foals registered in NSW, or registered elsewhere but nominated for the NSW Breeding Schemes.

Foal eligibility for the NSW Breeding Schemes is not determined by interstate or international stallion nominations, as a foal by any stallion may be eligible for inclusion should they be out of a NSW based mare.

For a list of stallions nominated for the 2014/15 breeding season, please click here

Stallion fees for foals born and registered in the 2014/15 season remain at $110 (GST exempt) and will be invoiced September 1 in the season after foaling.

Stallion nominator payments will apply for the Pepper Tree Farm Breeders Challenge series for which stallion fees were charged

If you have any questions regarding the NSW Breeding Schemes, please contact:

Carole Logue 02 9722 6619 or


Harness Breeders NSW


Information regarding breeding Standardbreds may also be obtained by contacting HBNSW. The association was formed to promote, encourage and support NSW Breeders of Standardbred horses and through its executive committee to represent NSW Breeders in all matters connected with breeding. The body is accredited by HRNSW and therefore consulted on all HRNSW breeding policy.

For further information, visit the HBNSW website at  

Bred in the Blue


Bred in The Blue is a complete standardbred race horse breeding consultative and promotion service. The business was founded to service the very specific and highly specialised area of standardbred race horse breeding.

The idea behind “Bred In The Blue” was developed by John Coffey & Joanne Andersen when they were discussing the lack of independent assistance and professional advice available to breeders, both mare owners and stud farms in the harness racing industry. Promotion is also not a strong point in the Harness Racing industry and John & Jo certainly have the contacts and expertise to be able to assist breeders in these areas. Services provided by “Bred In The Blue” include:

     - Sales of broodmares, weanlings, yearlings and race mares;

     - Mating advice for your mare/s;

     - Promotion of and or selection of stallions

     - Bloodstock Insurance

For more information, visit their website